Farmhouse Views

When we first moved out here, I remember waking up early to let the dog out.  It was a rare December morning, it almost felt like Spring even as the sun started to rise.  As I stood there, I took the shot in the lower left corner, it was one of the first images I took of "our" farm.  I remember having this overwhelming feeling of gratitude.  I was so happy to be standing in that very spot that very morning.  Since that day, I frequently find myself coming back to this exact same spot, sometimes with my phone, sometimes film, now that I think about, I have yet to shoot it otherwise.  I've decided to shoot a series of these and add them as prints to my soon to be store, baby steps.  So for now, here are four of my favs thus far.  Can you tell which ones are iPhone and which ones are shot on film?  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know :)