6 months in

it's hard to believe that this time last year we put an offer in on this place.  we would wait for weeks to learn if it was accepted and wait months before moving in.  was it worth it?  most days i will say 100% yes.  then there's those days when i just want to step into a clean, new bathroom and not wonder what's lurking behind the walls.  in just 6 short months, we've made a pretty sizable dent in knocking out some of the major things that needed to be done although there's still soooo much to do.  this past april and may have been two of the busiest months we've ever had with two in sports and one graduation (still doesn't seem real).  there hasn't been any free time between the kids, work and a reno and 4 acres is no joke.  it takes a full day just to mow and trim.  so i'm looking forward to a slower pace that comes with summer and with that, can hopefully begin to document all the changes happening here at the farm.  for now, here's a little glimpse into one of the changes that's happening outside....this is my happy place.  to see more, follow me along on Instagram.

Image taken by me via iPhone for Instagram