Before and After

Since moving in this past December, we've had a number of projects going on at once, nothing is 100% complete (is it ever?), and we're constantly distracted by upcoming events or delayed due to weather.  But progress is slowly being made even if it's not visible on the outside.  Right now with the warmer weather, our focus has been outdoors, tiding up the property and tackling a few major things like this barn shed/studio.  Back in the 1920's it was a chicken coop.  I had fully intended to have chickens this year, but then bird flu.  So yeah.  The first photo is what it looked like when we purchased the property, pretty sad but she had good bones.  In this photo, we had just pulled her back center with the truck and straightened out the walls the best we could without a complete tear down.  Not pictured is the greenhouse portion to the left. We tore off what was left of that existing roof and replaced it with a brand new greenhouse roof, only it's not green, the color is called smoke and it's beautiful and blends perfectly with the black exterior.  A number of the original tongue and groove boards needed to be replaced and the entire exterior got a good power wash.  I knew all along it had to be painted black, because who has a black barn, right? Well I do and I looooove it.  My hubby built the restored sliding barn wood door from barn wood we had in Barn Unhappy (if you know where we live and have seen this old barn, you know why the name) and put in an old window we found in the swine house.   Since the bottom photo was taken, we've painted the rail and hardware black and added a black door handle.  After much thought, I'm leaving the door as is, no paint, just a water tight seal.  So what's left to do?  Well, the top of the tin roof is still green. We've got to paint that black with a spray gun when there's no rain or high winds, and that's like a one in a million chance lately. On the inside (which is just as beautiful, well, it will be), we've got to clean out the weeds on the greenhouse side, put away all our junk we tossed in there when we moved and then even out the floor with some concrete.  Last we'll put up some lighting inside, I ordered some cots for the kids and she'll be ready for any of the 100 uses we have in store for her.

Images taken by me via iPhone for Instagram

June Gloom Farmhouse Views

Professionally I think I've had more reschedules these last few months than I ever have due to rain!  Enough, we get it, we're good!  I honestly do feel bad complaining about it because there are so many in this country who desperately need it, but seriously, enough.  I've been wanting to add some summer photos of the farm since forever because most days I'm still pinching myself, it's just that beautiful out here.  These are from a night I was suppose to be shooting people (you know what I mean) but mother nature had other plans.  So I took the opportunity to snap a few farmhouse views instead despite the rain. 

6 months in

it's hard to believe that this time last year we put an offer in on this place.  we would wait for weeks to learn if it was accepted and wait months before moving in.  was it worth it?  most days i will say 100% yes.  then there's those days when i just want to step into a clean, new bathroom and not wonder what's lurking behind the walls.  in just 6 short months, we've made a pretty sizable dent in knocking out some of the major things that needed to be done although there's still soooo much to do.  this past april and may have been two of the busiest months we've ever had with two in sports and one graduation (still doesn't seem real).  there hasn't been any free time between the kids, work and a reno and 4 acres is no joke.  it takes a full day just to mow and trim.  so i'm looking forward to a slower pace that comes with summer and with that, can hopefully begin to document all the changes happening here at the farm.  for now, here's a little glimpse into one of the changes that's happening outside....this is my happy place.  to see more, follow me along on Instagram.

Image taken by me via iPhone for Instagram